What is BtcEX ?

As BtcEX continues to build a safe, stable, and user-friendly platform, we believe operating under proper regulations and licensing of cryptocurrency exchanges can grow the ecosystem and increase confidence within the community. 

System security

All website data is transmitted via encrypted Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections (e.g. HTTPS).
Anti-DDoS services installed on servers.
+95% cryptocurrency stored offline.
Global exchange wallet hosted on an internal network through VPN’s.


Web-application to manage user wallets.
Advanced security measures (additional passwords, withdrawal limits, VPN access).
Automatic generation and allocation of public addresses for deposits.

BtcEX Platform

Ultra-light, user-friendly web-based platform.
KYC (Know Your Customer), two-factor authentication, email notifications.
Wallet and account management embedded within the platform.

BtcEX Matching Engine

Matching engine with 1 million orders per second capacity.
Market, Limit and Stop orders available.
The capability to remarket orders from larger exchanges creating higher liquidity.

Token Sale Stages


December 15, 2018

1 ETH = up to 910 BXC

15,000,000 BXC

(Up to $2.25 million)


January 11, 2019

1 ETH = up to 683 BXC

15,000,000 BXC

(Up to $3 million)

Why BtcEX ?

We providing a high-performance, deep liquidity platform that is also a
Stable banking solution allowing for quick, convenient fiat deposit and fiat withdrawal. Security is our mean priority to reduce hacking and cyber attacks keeping your information and fund safe. BtcEX has also prioritize prompt customer service and feedback.





Our team

Kevin Ng


Maksym Maglovanyi

Blockchain Developer 

Vikramaditya Kokil

Web Developer


Find out more about our professionals

Christopher as the Head of PR at Sapien Network and Marketing Strategy Advisor, helped successful token sales.

Christopher Lee

Head of Marketing 

Mike is CFA & experience  in corporate finance, valuation & blockchain, he advised Coinloan, Rocket & Bitmart ICO.

Mike Shokin


Jeff is  Blockchain expert as Asia Business Advisor at Bitdepositary ICO, Blockchain Advisor at Cyber Capital Invest and Community Director at Tokenestate.io. 

Jeff Frey


Kelvin as the Chinese community manager for CleanWaterCoin & Operation Manager for cryptocurrency mining. Regional Director in MuleChain.

Kelvin Liong

Head of Operations 

Our Goal 

BtcEX's goal is to obtain a cryptocurrency exchange license, provide a satble bank solution and exchange that can access the deepest order books containing tighter spreads, our remarketing solution keeps a full order book that customers can match with major exchange orders with Bitfinex, Bitstamp, GDAX, Poloniex, Kraken and Gemini. Our matching engine will have the capability of  performing nearly 1 million transactions per second.

Road map



Data, 2018

Design and Plan


BtcEX  spot exchange technicail partnership planning, ICO project  idea start up. Company & operation structure design and planning.



Data, 2019

Product Development


BtcEX spot exchange product develop, test & deployed to production server. 



Data, 2018

ICO launch


The BtcEX coin (BXC) token & ICO pre-sales run form  December 15, 2018 - February 28, 2019 



Data, 2019

BtcEX Exchange launch 


BtcEX spot exchange finish testing & launch, BXC token start trade on BtcEX excahnge.

BtcEX Milestone 


Our partners

Token & Fund Allocation


Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy BXC token?

It’s Easy!

1. Become a registered user of our website here.


2. Upload your identity document & selfie finish KYC process


3. Press ''Purchase'' button & input amount on Ethereum column that our site will automatic calculate how much BXC token you will get.


4. Deposit your Ethereum to our Ethereum wallet address then smart contract will send corresponding BXC token back to your Ethereum wallet address

What is ERC20 token ?
Is BtcEX token sale has restrictions?


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