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How To Trade


Get quotation through Whatsapp & Telegram form us what crypto you to buy/sell. First time needs to submit ID card & address(3 months).


Transfer the fund/crypto to our account/address within 10 mins.


After confirming your payment/cryptocurrency deposit, we will transfer it to your wallet address / bank account.

About Us

BtcEX is Hong Kong's leading cryptocurrency exchange provider since October 2016. We provide a secure, liquidity & stable banking solution platform to allow customers to trade safely and be able to quickly withdrawals from the exchange.

BtcEX offers you a secure USD & HKD and cryptocurrency deposit & withdrawal. Your funds and crypto are safe and the deposits & withdrawals are processed through a secure channel.

What can you expect from us?
  • Quick and best trading. The orders will finish within 10 minutes through WhatsApp & Telegram.
  • Deposit & withdrawal in FPS, ATM, online bank transfer convenience & fast payment method.
Fund and Wallet Security practices

Your crypto always keeps in your own wallet, once finish payment & BtcEX received fund in our bank, your crypto will transfer to you immediately, the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies minimizing the risk of being hacked and stolen.


IEO service / Token Listing

  • Leverage an established platform (exchange) for marketing activities and directly addressing target audience (crypto-affine investors)
  • Delegate management of funding process, incl. cybersecurity and KYC/AML, high dependency on exchange for success
  • Leverage exchange’s brand to “certify“legitimacy/potential of project
  • Focus on core capabilities, e.g. technology development, product rollout
  • Outsource funding process
Settlement Frameworks for Mining

  • Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your optimal mining settlement framework setup.
Mining Hardware purchase

We cooperate to worldwide bitcoin mining firm to provide one time package service for you start your bitcoin mining investment. Our mining server is an efficient bitcoin mining server designed for small, medium and enterprise-grade investors.

  • Buy - Order your miner machine
  • Connect - Connect them to our partnership electricity and internet centre
  • Setup - Set up your miner with a mining pool
  • Profits - Begin receiving Bitcon
Smart Contract Development & Auditing

Smart contracts handle the fundraiser on the Blockchain, the issuance and on going management of the coins, and decentralized applications (dapps Developers of smart contracts should:

  • Build automated code scans into their continuous integration pipeline.
  • Commission independent code reviews by skilled researchers and code auditors for major releases.
  • Implement formalized software development & testing controls, including sufficient segregation of duties and sign off before going live More and more Blockchains support formal verification in their smart contract platform natively.
  • SpankChain; loses USD 40’000 in hack due to Smart Contract bug. (9th October 2018).

Why Us

BtcEX has a proven track record since 2016


The minimum trade amount is HK$ 2,500.

Sending cryptocurrencies requires a miner fees. If you purchase 1BTC, your wallet address will receive 1BTC. If you sell 1BTC to us, you must deposit 1BTC to our wallet address. We will calculate the actual amount received by the wallet address to sell.

If you cannot pay in 10 mins, the price we provided is no longer valid. If the network is slow and no confirmation from the network within 10 mins, we will give you a new quotation, if you do not agree, all the fund will send to the address you provided and you will need to pay for the fees.